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Differences between digital and offset printing service

Are you wondering what the difference is between digital and offset printing services?

Offset printing: this is an indirect printing system derived from lithography, which is why offset printing is of much higher quality than digital printing, since it can print at 7200 dpi, which differs when printing large areas of color (masses 100 %), and allows printing in flat inks (Pantone, Gold, Silver), guaranteeing constant and long-lasting printing quality.

The best price per unit. A run of thousands of units will be incredibly cheaper in offset than digital; In fact, the greater the number of copies, the lower the unit cost in offset.

As for digital printing, it allows you to make small runs that are much more profitable than offset printing, from business cards to magazines.

Custom printing of variable data is only possible in digital.

Print personalized diplomas or invitations, each with the name of its recipient, with different images and colors.

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