At Central de Gráficas Asociadas we offer one of the best digital prepress services in the sector. We know that this is the starting point and that our client's satisfaction is subject to good work from start to finish.

Years of knowledge in R&D have led us to distinguish ourselves from other companies in the service and advice we provide to the client for the correct adaptation of their idea to the final result, both in quality and compliance with delivery times.

Our digital prepress service stands out for its attention to detail. This is a vitally important process with a certain degree of complexity that we undertake with the necessary thoroughness in order to obtain optimal printing results. We are very careful in the execution of each of the phases involved in each job, since we know that it depends on whether we can adjust to the needs of the clients, since through this process we can avoid problems or imbalances in the printing, which for We must always be of superior quality.

We have a design and editorial layout department that will make your project start and end with us.

“Just imagine how precious it can be to take a risk and have everything turn out well.”

Mario Benedetti

Editorial design

We have everything you need to offer you the best solution, no matter if you need to create a business card, a catalog, brochures, magazines, advertising, labels, newspapers or newsletters. We can take on any job, leave everything to the imagination of our designers, we know they will surprise you.


After the editorial design service, our layout designers become axes that transmit preconceived ideas, without having to give up creativity at any time. To do this, they combine the different elements at their disposal to achieve the aesthetic balance that characterizes a good graphic layout.

CTP, plate filming

One of the areas of graphic design that has undergone the most notable and innovative changes has been the imposition and preparation of plates for the printing process. From tapping we have advanced to clicking the mouse, from the mounting or plastic astralon to the screen on which the work can be previewed as it will be printed.